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Crocodile on the Daintree River, Far North Queensland

I suppose this is just a testament to the ephemeral nature of expat-ness, but most of the blogs I devoured before moving to Australia are now defunct or inactive. About half of them have since moved back to the US and the rest have, I suppose, just settled into life without feeling the need to blog about it anymore. I’ve included the old-schoolers anyway though because their experiences, photos and feelings stand the test of time!

Still active:

Inactive, but still fantastic:

Oh Melbourne, you're so edgy

Other great Australia Resources:

  • 600 Days of Sydney
    My Aussie friend Lisa’s fantastic take on Sydney-area bars, restaurants and museums
  • City Hobo
    If you’re moving to Australia, this site offers a frank and useful breakdown of all the residential neighborhoods in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane & Adelaide
  • Yanks Down Under
    Everywhere has its catch-all expat discussion forum. This is a great one. Plan to be disappointed with lots of “No, you can’t buy that prescription medication here” and “No, American TVs don’t work with Australian cable” stuff
  • Bill Bryson’s In a Sunburned Country (aka Down Under in Australia)
    The Aussie expat bible. If you haven’t read this yet, get off your computer and go buy it now
    Australia’s mimeographed (see also: Target, Bed Bath & Table, Wheel & Barrow, Whiteapple) version of Craigslist
  • Travelzoo Australia
    Ok so I’m slightly biased, but if you’re going to be traveling around Oz, this is a great way to keep current on flight sales and get really good deals on otherwise-probably-overpriced hotel rooms

3 thoughts on “Aussie Archives”

  1. Thanks for including my blog on here! Happy to say it’s still standing.

  2. Hey, thanks for including mine here – I didn’t know you were a reader! Im a bog fan of your blog – 🙂

  3. er…a BIG fan, not a Bog fan!!

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