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Te Mata Peak, Hawkes Bay NZ, 2010

Welcome to my blog! In early 2009, my husband was given the opportunity to work at his law firm’s Sydney office, so we left New York City and headed Down Under. Exactly two years later, we decided to prolong our time abroad and made the move to Singapore. It’s been four years since then so I guess you can say we’ve enjoyed this expat thing!

When the Australia issue first cropped up, I started stalking a few blogs of other American expats in Australia. I found it enormously interesting and useful hearing what sorts of things I could expect to deal with on the road ahead. Before deciding to move to Singapore, I again found expat blogs to be the absolute best resource in figuring out what to expect from life there. Plus it’s fun having a place to both vent and share the funny things you sometimes least expect from living abroad.

To that end, this blog is a definite melange (or perhaps more appropriately, rojak salad) of random expat observations mixed with travel and food posts. My other passions include sports, fitness, politics and pop culture so there’s a healthy amount of that stuff thrown in as well. Opinions are mine and mine alone, and I apologize in advance if my dry sarcasm doesn’t translate off your computer screen.

Thanks for sharing in our adventures.

Have a question or extended rant that you’d prefer to not air publicly? Feel free to contact me at wtfmatekate_at_gmail_dot_com


8 thoughts on “About this blog”

  1. Hi there, I’m sorry to post this here but I couldn’t find the comments section.

    I run a site about Working Holiday Visas and am always trying to encourage young people to spend time working abroad. I am building a links page on my site that aims to showcase blogs by people who are doing it already as a bit of inspiration. I have added your blog to my links page at http://www.workingholidayinfo.com/links.php and I thought I would let you know!

    I am also working on a website about Sydney and I was wondering if you would be willing to include it in your list of links? The title is ‘Living in Sydney’ and the URL is http://www.stuckinsydney.com

    That looks like an amazing job you have… love the site too! My email is travoholic at yahoo.com

    Take care!

  2. Hi There,
    I’m also from Hingham and will be ex-patin’ to Sydney starting in July. Your blog is great and you really have helped in my wife and I understanding what is in front of us. If you have any interest in playing the name game about Hingham / Boston / NYC send me an email.


  3. Hey,
    I think you are an incredible, from the heart, whatever comes to my mind, writer. Contrary to your statement of you being sarcastic, I think the blogs I read (and I did quite many) were quite original, very refreshing and really honest.
    Work brings me down under every few months and I agree with you on the ‘exotic birds’ part and Melbourne being a little more livable due to its flatness one and a really nice public transport system.

    Happy writing,

  4. hi! found your blog and love your humour! Keep writing! it’s all good!

  5. Claire Whittaker said:

    Hello…just came across your blog and finding it interesting. I’m an older woman from California and have lived near Brisbane,in QLD,for eight years now. I met my DH on ICQ eleven years ago and came here to live three years later.

    I miss California life for so many resons but as a person that has moved a great deal, my Ex is a City Planner and we moved every three years or so because of his work, I have settled in here well. Became a citizen last month,finally. My family is still back in Ca and I do miss them daily, especially my Grandkids.

    However,I have found Australia has made my heart and life fuller, not less. Life is all about change, hey?
    I now have two places in the world I live and belong. Life is good! And Quantas still treats me better than American Airlines ever did…lol

  6. Hi Kate,

    I came across your blog while perusing Matador Network last night. I am a Sydneysider currently living in Delhi, India. Last night I was feeling a lil homesick for Sydney and your blog cheered me up immensely. I guess the feelings are the same for all expats, nothing quite lives up to home. I have the same whinges here in Delhii that you do in Sydney… the food, the internet etc. Not the shopping though, I love the shopping here.

    I guess I am used to all the stuff that frustrates you about Sydney… when you don’t know any better or you are in love with your hometown you put up with it.

    Anyway just wanted to let you know your blog is a great read…criticisms and all!


  7. Hi there,

    I was wondering if you have an email address I could write to you at pertaining to a possible gig on Singapore?

    And no, I promise this isn’t spam! 🙂


  8. Hi
    Love your blog. Would you possibly be able to send through the details of your awesome agent in Singapore, Grace?
    Im moving to SG in a few months and would love to throw some business her way (hope you’re getting a cut).

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