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Photo courtesy of Wagging Rights

I generally find that I get lots of reader feedback pertaining to two areas: 1) People asking for contact information for our real estate agent extraordinaire, Grace and 2) People asking about doggy daycare on the East Coast.

When we adopted Avon in 2012, I had a hard time finding dog walkers and doggy daycare spots in our area — most seemed to be located around Novena, Orchard or Holland Village. I was so thrilled when we connected with Woofy Nanny (which Avon adored), but sadly that business shut down in early 2013. There is Super Cuddles Playhouse on Tanjong Katong, but they don’t take medium-big dogs (i.e. dogs like Avon), and I don’t believe they have a pick-up and drop-off service.

Anyway, the point of this longwinded introduction is to say that I’m THRILLED that Wagging Rights, a new doggy daycare facility, grooming salon, gourmet kitchen, and “pet concierge” has arrived in Joo Chiat. And what a cute name! Avon and I were recently invited to their grand opening at 337 Joo Chiat Road (how fun is it that Avon received an event invitation from a PR company?) and I’m happy to report that it’s a beautiful facility.

Upon entry I immediately noticed the clean, bright finish. There are a few products (mainly for grooming) for sale in the nice seating area, and beyond that is the gourmet kitchen lined with food, much of it freshly prepared. They were actually doing a cooking demonstration when we visited, but I was holding a screaming baby so I didn’t want to interrupt!

The schmick entry area. Photo courtesy of Wagging Rights.

The schmick entry area. Photo courtesy of Wagging Rights.

Beyond the kitchen was the wide open doggy daycare play area. There were dogs of all sizes – Golden Retrievers, Border Collies, Shelties, Pugs, and Miniature Schnauzers among others – running around, happily chasing each other up and down the play structure in the middle of the room. Check out the fun wallpaper and art:

photo 4 photo 1-3

While Avon happily played with the other dogs, I was impressed to see that they also have a doggy treadmill. That’s a fantastic way for athletic dogs like Avon to get exercise, but I’ve never seen one in Singapore before. Beyond the play area is the grooming salon; I didn’t go in, but two extremely fluffy Pomeranians emerged and seemed quite pleased with themselves.

Avon loving it

Avon loving it

I also have to give a shoutout to this hilarious greenery in the corner:

photo 3-2Wagging Rights offers both full and half-day doggy daycare, including pick-up and drop-off (which is key!). Their prices are as follows:

Full Day:

  • Small dogs & puppies (3-6 months): $35 per day
  • Medium dogs: $45 per day
  • Large dogs: $50 per day

Half Day (4 hours)

  • Small dogs & puppies (3-6 months): $20
  • Medium dogs: $30
  • Large dogs: $35

When I was looking for dog walkers and doggy daycare places, a lot of people quoted me $20+ just for a 30-minute walk, so the cost of all-day care is pretty good value. By the way, I noticed on Wagging Rights’ Facebook page that they’re currently offering a free 2-hour trial for doggy daycare. I might even look into that myself!

There are also going to be “canine good citizen” classes, led by trainer Michelle Chan of Pup, Pup ‘n’Away (again, super cute name!).

Wagging Rights is open 7 days a week, from 9am to 6pm.

Wagging Rights
337 Joo Chiat Road
Phone: 6447 0335

Please note: While I was invited to this event and provided with photos, I would not endorse something like this without checking it out myself, and I had full editorial control over what I chose to write (or not write).