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ImageI know, I know…yet more excuses to keep me from blogging. I seriously have about ten posts swimming around in my brain, but our new puppy has definitely been commanding the bulk of my attention these past two weeks.

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a dog lover. I grew up with dogs, and have been dying to get one pretty much since the moment I graduated college in 2004, but the timing has just never been quite right. Finally, since we’re now living in a low-rise building near lots of greenery and we know we’ll be staying in one place for at least two years, the hubs and I have taken the plunge.

Our new pup is 3 months old, and is a local mutt (aka “Singapore Special”) who was born in a factory in Northeast Singapore (his mom is sort of the guard dog, apparently). We therefore have no idea what kind of breeds he has in him, though he looks a little bit like he could be part German Shepherd. His three brothers (all Buppy is still up for adoption, by the way) look more like Labs:

ImageAlthough most Singaporeans seem baffled by Avon’s name (and even have trouble pronouncing it), most of our American friends got the reference right away. He’s named after one of the main characters on The Wire, a show the hubs and I both love. I wanted to name him after my favorite character, Omar, while the hubs wanted to name him after one of the baddies, Marlo. We figured Avon was a good compromise, and the last name clinched it. My mother-in-law was a little confused when we told her the origin of his name – “You’re naming him after a drug dealer?!” “Well, technically a drug kingpin…” – but anyone who’s seen the show knows that he’s charismatic and smart and not necessarily a villain. He is a badass though, and of course that’s something we aspire to for our dog (in a smart, loving, capable sort of way):

ImageSo far having a puppy has been exhausting, stressful and wonderful all at once. I loathe waking up in the middle of the night to take him out for pee breaks, but am thankful he’s learned to hold it till we get outside. And hey, at least puppies learn in a matter of weeks, vs. a couple years for humans. I LOVE how eagerly he fetches a bouncing ball or chew toy, and how he’ll roll over for belly rubs or will curl up at my feet when he’s tired.


The stress has stemmed mostly from fussy neighbors, who’ve complained about where he goes to the bathroom (for the record, it’s always on grass and of course I always pick up after him), and from making sure I get home in time so he’s not alone for too long. I’ve found a wonderful dog walker who’s been kind enough to send me updates and photos during the day (after leaving him alone for the first time on Monday, I can’t imagine how terrifying it must be sending a child off to school for the first time). She also takes dogs out on excursions for exercise and socialization. Avon went on his first “field trip” yesterday and was totally zonked, it was great. Is there anything cuter than splayed puppy legs?

ImageOf course we’re only two weeks into the this crazy adventure, but I kind of like how much more disciplined and structured it’s forced me to become. I have to wake up earlier than normal to do our morning walk; I have to be home at a certain time because someone is there waiting for me. I can’t wait until he’s older and I can take him running with me, and we can bring him to the beach. And of course, I look forward to the days, whenever it is we return to the US, where he sees his first snow and his first squirrel.

So for now my life is hella crazy and kinda hectic. But it’s also fuller, and happier. And if you’re in Singapore, puppy visitors are always welcome!