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After spending our first 10 months here completely guestless, starting in early February the hubs and I seemed to be on permanent host duty. First we hosted one of my j-school friends, Brian, who spent three months backpacking around Southeast Asia with his wife, Melli, as part of a belated honeymoon. (I actually wrote about attending their wedding 2.5 years ago during my first trip back to the U.S. from Australia — you can never go wrong with a mariachi band).

After three months of traveling by bus, train and tuk-tuk, Brian and Melli were pretty self-sufficient. While the hubs and I were at work during the day they hit up spots like the Botanic Gardens, the National Museum of Singapore (which they highly recommend), Chinatown, Little India and Orchard Road.

At night I took them to some of my favorite eating spots, including No. 18 Fried Kway Teow and Lau Goh Carrot Cake at Zion Riverside Hawker Centre (which, btw, appears to have since closed for renovations? WTF?!) and xiao long bao at Beijing Hand in Hand.

On Brian and Melli’s last night we went next door to Level33 (allegedly the world’s highest microw-brewery!) and met up with another friend of Brian’s from California who’s been living here for about four years. He owns a chiropractor  business and his wife is a yoga instructor. I’m sure I’ve said this before,  but one of the things I absolutely love about Singapore is that I’m constantly meeting new, friendly people with interesting stories. Everyone I know seems to have arrived here in a different manner, but everyone is equally friendly and outgoing. My photo captions are being weird, but here’s the sweet view from Level33:

After drinks we headed over to Emerald Hill to meet up with some other people having drinks at Ice Cold Beer. I’d never been there while semi-sober before. In addition to the aforementioned frosty beers they also seem to offer a pretty decent assortment of fried foods (chicken wings, onion rings, etc.), and of course Emerald Hill is great for bar-hopping since it’s just a bunch of bars on a lane with no traffic.

As the night wound down the hubs and I needed to get home (we had to work on Friday morning, after all!), but the rest of the group headed over to Cuppage Plaza for some late-night foot reflexology (have I mentioned how much I love that stuff stays open late in Singapore?). Brian apparently made it for about five seconds on “medium hardness” before screaming in pain and asking the masseuse to go easy on him. Clearly he didn’t get enough foot massages in Thailand.

Next time I’ll write about what we got up to with my parents. Since my mom’s stay stretched over five weeks (with a trip to Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia & Thailand in between), we did A LOT of stuff with them.