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Instead of blogging I've been playing hostess with the mostest. Here, mimicking the Merlion with my Dad.


Hey everyone. A million apologies for the dearth of posts lately. We’ve had a steady stream of guests for the past FIVE weeks, and on top of that our landlords decided to jack up the rent by 35% so what little free time I’ve had has been spent apartment-hunting. Fun times! On the bright side, I’ve got lots of new stuff to blog about (visiting Hanoi with my mom, seeing the play “Cooling Off Day” with my Dad, hosting my parents in general, looking for apartments a second time around, playing lacrosse in Singapore, traveling to Kep at Chinese New Year, new foodie adventures and probably more stuff that I’m forgetting about at the mo). Please stay tuned, I promise to make up for my absence in spades!