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The hubs and I took our first trip to Singapore almost exactly two years ago, on November 26, 2009. We flew Singapore Airlines from Sydney and stopped off for a quick overnight before making our way to Cambodia, Laos and Thailand for a 3-week adventure. In about 24 hours we did the following:

-Rode the Singapore Flyer

-Ate chili crab at Jumbo Seafood at Clarke Quay (as there are two Jumbos at Clarke Quay, we naturally went to the opposite one from where we’d made a reservation)

-Got Dunkin Donuts Iced Coffee at Ion Orchard

-Wandered around Ion Orchard in a daze of wonderment; who knew malls could be so massive?

-Walked down Orchard Road and marveled at the Christmas decorations

-Drank Singapore Slings at the Raffles Hotel

-Walked around Little India, nearly passing out from heatstroke

-Bargained for cheap headphones at Sim Lim Square

-Went back to Ion Orchard to get snacks from the [air conditioned] Food Opera

It was definitely a pretty touristy overnight, and yet I still do most of these things, and continue to enjoy them as fun aspects of Singapore.  One thing I haven’t done since that first trip is ride the Flyer, though I adore seeing it in the colorful nighttime skyline.  The Flyer has recently launched new featured flights including Singapore Sling cocktails, and until the 31st of December you can get two tickets for the price of one.  (Full disclosure, they contacted me to share that news, but as I so enjoyed my own experience I have no problem putting the word out).

My strange expression as we ascended is due to a debilitating fear of heights

I am just slightly petrified of heights, and as the Flyer is the world’s highest Ferris wheel I definitely had a few moments where I needed to sit down and take some deep breaths. What’s incredible, though, is how much the sights and skyline have changed even since we were here. Back then Marina Bay Sands was only semi-completed; it didn’t even have its cantilevered roof yet. Our own apartment building was covered in cranes. The Helix Bridge that I so often cross on my walk home from work was just a messy construction site:

The ever-changing skyline is sort of a Singapore feature unto itself, and there’s nowhere better than the Flyer to track that evolution. I suppose I’ll always think of it fondly as well because I associate it with our first wonderful trip here. I had no way of knowing we’d be living here less than two years later, but I’m glad that we are.

Finally, I’d be remiss to not include this clip from The Amazing Race season where they visited Singapore. The whole episode is really fun to watch for someone who lives here, but for one of the bonus challenges a pair of brothers had to CRAWL ACROSS THE TOP OF THE FLYER. I honestly cannot think of anything scarier. But it’s really cool to watch! (Skip to 6:16 to see the specific scene)

The Amazing Race Singapore