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If you want to skip my ramblings and just find out how to get 6 free bottles of FIJI Water, scroll to the bottom

So last Friday I was sitting at my desk at work, probably slightly bored and counting down the minutes to the weekend, when I received an email with the below subject line:

A new sensory dimension! Discovering the taste profile of FIJI Water.

Gmail has pretty awesome spam filters (knock on wood) so, intrigued by the random yet enthusiastic subject line, I took the bait. Most probably because I am food obsessed and write about stuffing my face pretty much all the time, FIJI Water reached out and asked if I’d be interested in receiving a few sample bottles as well as a special “Fiji Water tasting kit.” Here are the thoughts that ran through my head as I perused the email:

1) A Food PR company has contacted me. This is a proud moment; I need to pause and shed a tear.

2) Mariah Carey and Jennifer Lopez are apparently known for drinking FIJI Water. This does not in any way increase my desire to drink FIJI Water; in fact it might lessen it.

3) What is a “water tasting kit?” Color me intrigued.

4) Did you say FREE bottles of something I actually consume? Where do I sign? (Seriously, if I’d received the same email from Evian I probably would have ignored it because I hate that stuff).

5) With a 5k race on Friday night and three parties to attend on Saturday and Sunday (btw, this was like the busiest weekend of my life), you’re definitely going to need to hydrate.

Here are some important facts that you should know about me (in case you haven’t picked up on them already):

  • I can be irrationally cheap
  • I’m kind of lazy
  • I like to exercise and drink A LOT of water

So yes, I took FIJI Water up on their offer. Plus, the hubs is back in the US this week and I knew I’d have some extra time on my hands. Why not entertain myself with a water taste test? (When you grow up an only child, you’re good at finding weird things to entertain yourself).

Here is the “Water tasting kit”:

Rather than me attempt to explain the very important differences between Fiji Artesian water, spring water and distilled water, I’ll just let you read them (click to enlarge):

Although I was kind of hoping to receive test tubes, a blotter, and perhaps some other neat chemicals I haven’t used since 10th grade, the water tasting kit was just that piece of paper explaining key differences between the water. On the bright side, it included spots for tasting notes between the three bottles, which totally brought me back to Wine tasting class senior year of college. You may not be surprised to discover that FIJI was hands down the tastiest (I swear they had no idea that I happened to already hate Evian).

But more than any sterile taste test, I found that FIJI totally performed in a real-world situation when I awoke very, very early on Sunday morning following a late night of far too much beer pong and flip cup on Saturday.

My head was pounding. My stomach was churning. I lurched blindly toward the fridge and grabbed for that elegantly rectangular bottle with the pretty flower on the label.

FIJI Water didn’t make me puke, and in fact it eased my hangover. That, folks, is the mark of some high-quality bottled water.

BUT WAIT! There’s actual important information to share, too:

  • Until 30 November, you can get a FREE 6-pack of cute “Lil FIJIs” (that’s more than I got)
  • Just bring in six other bottled water labels to any Swiss Butchery location across Singapore
  • “Only original bottled water labels (regardless of brand) are accepted” (I don’t know what this means exactly but it seems like an important point)
  • The promotion’s limited to one exchange per person
  • Here’s a list of Swiss Butchery locations

So drink up, folks. And stay hydrated.