It would be tough to live in Singapore and NOT know that the Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix was happening this weekend. For one, all the bus routes between work and home have been closed since Tuesday. Each morning when I’ve risen half an hour earlier than usual I’ve grumbled that it better be worth it. Well, given the insane friction and excitement in the air right now, I’m optimistic it will be worth it.

OMG! The cars have been practicing outside my office window (see above) since the middle of this afternoon. The noise – even from up here on the 34th floor of Centennial Tower – sounds like a swarm of bumble bees, or someone taking a razor to a million violin strings. I’ve never experienced anything like this.

I’ll surely have a lot more to report in the coming days, but personally right now I can say I’m most looking forward to Shaggy performing tomorrow night. Yes, I am a dork.