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Somewhat unbelievably, I couldn’t find a good picture of all the snow in Boston. WTF, Boston.com?! I say unbelievably, because it seems like my hometown’s been averaging a snowstorm a week since about November. I must say I’ve sort of enjoyed watching it from afar; I’ll take the 10-day forecsats of nothing but sun and temps in the 70s-80s, thanks.

But why am I talking about the weather right now, you ask? Well, it’s come very close to preventing my parents from getting here on their long-awaited maiden voyage to Australia. They were supposed to fly out on Tuesday night (East Coast time), spend the night in LA, then depart LA on Wednesday to arrive here on Friday. Fortunately the long second leg is a still go, but their original flight out of Boston was canceled due to a snow storm so they’re cutting it a bit finer by flying out this morning (again, East Coast time). If all goes according to plan, they should be wheels up in about 80 minutes.

I can’t wait to see my parents for the first time in five months, to hear what they think about Australia, and, best of all, to treat them to some great summertime weather. Last fall when I was trying to convince them to come in February, my mom was all worried about the weather being too hot. The hubs and I felt fairly confident that by the time Februrary rolled around, she’d be ready to be out of the snow for a few weeks. I dare say I think we were right.