No bride-MOH shot is complete without some goofy poses

After months of counting down, my best friend Bridget is finally on her way to Sydney. She’ll be arriving for 10 days on Friday morning, and my only real concern is that I’ll wear her out before she can shake off the jet lag. In anticipation of this I’ve been sending her travel tips for months. Yup, I’m an over-planner.

Fortunately it’s looking like we’ll have great weather (75-80 degrees) for most of her stay, which is a big relief since it’s actually been pretty cloudy and cool the past week or so. We’re hoping to hit up Bondi or Bronte at least a couple times, though Beege has vowed she will stay out of the water due to this Monster Shark story that our friend Chelsie insisted on posting. I tried to point out that Brisbane is hundreds of miles from here, but I don’t think she’s convinced.

monster shark

Allegedly a "monster shark" tore apart this already-sizeable great white off the coast of Brisbane

Other things on our agenda include:

Hunter Valley Wine Tour (we’re doing a thing where a van picks you up in Sydney and drops you off at the end of the day. I don’t trust myself to drive up there sober, let alone with a few glasses of wine in my system).

-Day hike to the Three Sisters and Blue Mountain National Park

-Some sort of ridiculous hat situation to watch the Melbourne Cup, during which the entire country apparently comes to a stand-still.

-Visit to the Justice & Police Museum (Beege is the world’s biggest Law & Order fan and immediately requested this as soon as she read about it in her guidebook).

-Requisite walks through the Royal Botanic Gardens, the Domain, the Opera House, etc.

-Visit to Paddy’s Markets.

-And finally, climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge. I will not be participating in this outing (other than to take pictures from way far away), because I am deathly afraid of heights. But Beege and the hubs are both looking forward to it. Also, that ish is expensive yo! A$198 for a daytime “express climb”! When we got here that wouldn’t have been so bad, but now the Australian dollar is almost freaking equal to the US dollar (about 90 cents at the moment). Ugh.

If anyone out there has other must-visit suggestions, feel free to post them in the comments.

More than anything, I’m just so excited to have a good friend here to keep me company. Even when Bridget and I are just sitting around watching television (usually making snarky comments about whatever we’re watching), we tend to laugh our heads off. That’s something that I’ve greatly missed since moving here, and it’ll be great to finally be able to walk around and make jokes about silly Aussie things out loud, rather than just via my facebook status. Even if the weather gods don’t cooperate, I’m confident that we’ll still have a great time (but pray for great weather anyway!).