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This is as close as Sydney comes to Times Square.

This is as close as Sydney comes to Times Square.

So I’ve been kind of MIA this week since we moved into our place on Monday (though we couldn’t sleep there till Tuesday since the bed place flaked and didn’t deliver it till then). So far so good with the new place. It’s even bigger than I remembered, there’s TONS of light, and I’m basically planning to sleep on the pretty balcony once the weather gets a little warmer. Of course, it’s still just about completely empty, save for our big old wardrobe boxes, but that’s ok. Especially since the movers called the hubs today and informed him that our container will FINALLY be delivered on Monday. Hooray!!! April 9-May 25 = 6.5 weeks, which is just about what the movers estimated. MAN did it feel longer than that though. I cannot wait to get our couch (sitting on the floor all the time has made my butt really sore), our bed, and all of my pots and pans and dishes. Because believe it or not, I’ve actually gotten kind of sick of eating takeout, like, all the time.

In other news, we got our Foxtel cable installed on Thursday (naturally we bought a TV on Monday while we had use of the car we rented to move our stuff). How ghetto is this: our building is like super-new and modern, yet it’s somehow not equipped to run HD channels. Also ghetto: there are only 5 HD channels in Australia. Ugh, wack. I must say I’m pretty pumped to have ESPN though; they even show PTI at 5:30!

Today we are getting our Internet installed. Yet more ghettoness: our building isn’t equipped to handle cable Internet; the best it can do is ADSL. I don’t really know what that is, but if it’s not the fastest, I’m angry! Thank GOD we’ll be getting Internet, though. I’ve been camping out in various cafes around the neighborhood all week to do work, and I think they all think I’m some weird American chick who’s just way too into her laptop. I almost always seem to be the only one actually using the WiFi. Also, it’s gotten really expensive and calorific buying stuff that justifies 3-4 hours of just sitting there using Internet.

One final piece of news: I joined a nearby gym today. It generally seems pretty similar to American gyms, except none of the cardio equipment has personal video screens (WTF? I had that at Fitcorp in Boston five years ago). One thing they do have, though, is a “cinema” room, which is just a bunch of cardio machines in a dark room with a giant screen showing a movie or random TV shows. I’ve never heard of such a thing in gyms, have you? The guy showed it to me all excitedly, and it struck me as kind of dark and creepy. I dunno, I guess it depends what they show. Anyway, I went to a Pilates class this morning (per usual it fell well short of Sornam in Berkeley, sigh), and it was like half guys. And the teacher was a guy! I have NEVER seen that before. It’ll be interesting to see what their other classes are like. As I mentioned early on, there are no fat people here. As can be expected, there were certainly no fat people in the class, but what’s crazy is that there were like, a lot of women over 50 and 60, and even THEY were like super in-shape. You know how usually when you go to a class there’ll always be at least a few people huffing and puffing who can’t handle anything for more than 30 seconds? Yeah, there was no one like that at this class. It’s good, in that it made me push myself, but damn the bar is high.

Ok, this has been such a ramble. BTW the picture at the top is from King’s Cross, which is close-ish to our apartment and kind of like the seedy capital of Sydney (don’t worry, Mom, we live way down the hill from it and across a major road). Anyway, I took the picture one night in the rain; apparently it’s sort of a Sydney landmark. Someone got shot there last weekend (no one ever gets shot here!) and a policewoman was found beaten to a pulp at a nearby bus stop. Fun times! And yet, I swear, it feels so much less sketchy than Times Square, or the area around MSG, or even Hell’s Kitchen. God we’re so boho I can’t even stand it! Ha!