So the other day on SportsCenter they had President Obama going through his [allegedly] personal NCAA bracket (“Barack-etology” HA!). As a sports fan I’ve liked Obama for quite some time– the guy knows his basketball and his love for the game is palpable – and he definitely talked quite knowledgeably about all the teams in the tournament. He was even brazen enough to pick against his home state team (Illinois), and it turns out he was correct to take 12-seeded Western Kentucky instead. Speaking of Illinois, though, I did enjoy this article on Michael Jordan’s son.

An anyone who knows me can attest to, I’m sports-obsessed and thus the first day of March Madness is always one of my favorite days of the year. I’m in two pools on facebook (btw, the application they’re using this year SUCKS), and I’m not doing so great thus far. I can’t remember a tournament where I had more connections to teams: Cornell, Cal, Michigan, Akron (my grandmother’s alma mater)…it’s been awesome, although following my heart has screwed me over a little bit. I’m counting on Cornell to upset Missouri (I HATE the Big 12, except for Texas) so I can at least break even in the first round. Overall, though, I have UConn winning it. I’ve always been a Huskies fan, and Jim Calhoun is a South Shore guy– every time I hear his accent it reminds me of home. Plus they’re mad talented. Let’s just hope Coach Calhoun is feeling better.

I’m heading to Jamaica for a work trip on Monday, but am hoping that I’ll still be able to follow some games while I’m down there. On every trip I’ve taken I’ve missed some major event – election day, inauguration day, Christmas parties – but at the very least I’m thankful that I’ll be back in time for Red Sox opening day on April 6. I’m getting kind of nervous for the baseball-following situation in Australia (unless we can figure out Sling Box), so I want to drink in as much as I can before I leave. Speaking of which, here’s a picture of my parents and me at Opening Day in Oakland last year. We were able to catch the Sox’ first three games of the season, and it was a sweep! Definitely one of the highlights of my baseball-viewing life:

Red Sox Opening Day, 2008

Red Sox Opening Day, 2008. Note that we're surrounded by Sox fans, 3000 miles from Boston.