So in order to get Australian visas we had to get chest x-rays to prove we don’t have tuberculosis (don’t worry, we don’t). I figured while I was at it I’d also go to my doctor for one more check-up and prescription refill, since I read on Yanks Down Under that it can be hard to get a lot of American drug brands in Australia. There happened to be a med student shadowing the doctor I met with, and they seemed disappointed that I wasn’t there for any intense or instructive treatments.

“Are you sure we can’t give you any shots?” they asked, a little too eagerly. “You must need something if you’re going to a country with all those deadly animals. When was your last tetanus shot?”

“Uh, a while back, when I went to college…wow, I guess that was like nine years ago.” (Now I’m freaking out and feeling ridiculously old)…

“Perfect! You need one of those every ten years. A tetanus shot it is!”

So I got the shot and it was totally painless and easy, but the nurse warned me that I might feel some pain in my arm. Here it is five days later and my arm is still wicked achy. I can’t decide if I want to get bitten by a dangerous spider or something if only to justify getting that damn shot. Next time I won’t capitulate to the med student out of guilt, I can tell you that much.