This is my first post and I haven’t much to report since I’m still firmly ensconced over here in the [North]Western Hemisphere for a while longer, but in the meantime, enjoy this video that begot one of my most favorite (and thus overused) phrases: “WTF, mate?!” I don’t even necessarily agree with all the stuff in the video– in fact, I barely remember anything about it, other than KT sent it to me our senior of college after I heard her down the hall shrieking hysterically with laughter and IMed her (as lazy roommates are wont to do) to ask what the fuss was all about. Just that and I freaking loved this one phrase.

I apologize if you’re offended by the video, but at least now you get where the blog’s name comes from. True, it prolly still falls under the category of “Americans relying on cliched notions of Australian slang for their blog titles,” but at least it has a funny back story. And I really do say “WTF mate?!” like all the time.

Anyway, going forward this blog will hopefully be the place where I can write about our experience of moving- and adjusting to Australia, post photographs, fish for ridiculous comments, and ruminate from afar in an out of touch way about all my favorite American TV shows and sports teams that I will undoubtedly be missing something terrible.